Tuesday, May 15, 2012


I am going to concentrate a few posts on comfort foods that must be tried! Being a Southerner, I am a connoisseur of comfort food.  Today we are going to talk about bowls.  Yep...bowls. Allow me to show you some pictures...

Gravy is God's gift to food.  Here in Texas we put gravy on everything.  Putting all this yummy goodness in a bowl and topping it with gravy, genius! 

My hubby is from Iowa, look at this treasure.....

That looks so good!  Honey, we are going to the State Fair next year!

Here is a low fat version, looks fabulous!

The possibilities are endless....

Monday, May 7, 2012


Isn't it a beautiful sight? Everyone knows the saying "bacon makes everything better"
My favorite commercial is the one with the dog who is excited about getting a bacon flavored snack.  The line "I would get it myself but I don't have thumbs" just cracks me up every time.  Unfortunately, I am the only one in my family that laughs hysterically every time the commercial airs <shrugs>.

Anywho,  for my food bucket list I think I need to take my love of bacon to the next level.  Check these out....
I found these and several other pictures of  bacon weirdness at http://www.delish.com/food-fun/weird-bacon-products

And this link takes us to more bacony goodness ideas....

Bacon cheesecake, bacon doughnuts, bacon ice cream sundae!!??
This final picture is a dish called bacon explosion.  You can order it online for 30 bucks, http://www.bbqaddicts.com/bacon-explosion/

Packed Bacon Explosion

YES please!  <burp>

Thursday, May 3, 2012

better than potato chips???

As I get older my food bucket list includes healthy foods too.  I have discovered there are better and tastier veggies out there besides canned green beans and corn. Roasted Veggies especially have caught the attention of my taste buds! So here are a few of my bucket list veggies....
The girl and I decided to roast a variety together.  We have tried asparagus, but not the others .  We sliced, tossed with oil, and salt/pepper to taste the veggies and roasted them at 400 for 20 min or so.

This stuff is so amazing, roasted, fried, grilled, cold, hot.  Roasted is my favorite.

White onion.  This is what I had on hand when we made this.  It actually tasted a little sweet after roasting.  I think any type of onion would do.

yellow squash, summer squash

YUM.  Oh squash where have you been all my life.  I have never cared for cooked squash, but roasted is fabulous!  And the girl loved it!

This popular Mexican fruit is normally used in salsas or in Mexican dishes.  I wanted to try it roasted.  FAIL. Ick,  it didn't turn out well at all.  I like to make my own salsa so next time I am going to throw some of these bad boys in and see how it turns out.

Here is our after picture.  We really enjoyed snacking on these and they tasted even better the next day.  For those of you who know me (potato chip snack food unhealthy eating girl)  these gotta be good for me to be scarfing them down!